How to choose a good primer

You want your makeup to look fabulous but at the same time have your skin stay healthy. In order to do that we have to pick our makeup products carefully. The primer offers a good makeup base, that allows foundation, powder and colours look better and stay longer in place.

For the primer let's start with the type of skin. If you have dry skin, then choose a moisturizing primer. Look for the ones that contain the words hydrating, replenishing, soothing. This will help your skin crave less for face cream and feel a lot more comfortable.

Choose a paraben-free matte primer if you have oily skin. It will help reduce your skin's oil production, minimize your pores and with that, the shine. Look for the products that are low in oil (even if natural) or oil-free formulas.

For sensitive skin, you want to look for the products with the smallest list of ingredients. Even the ones advertised like essential oils can harm sensitive skin. Paraben-free is a must

If your skin is a little bit more mature, then you need to look for a nourishing primer. Once the fine lines appear you need to fill them with the help of a primer filled with hydration elements and antioxidants. My favourite is the satin makeup base from Dermacol. It is transparent with a soft perfume smell, it locks the makeup in place and feels like velvet on my face. 

When dealing with some skin issues like rosacea then pick a green primer. Green covers the redness but you need to go for one that has the perfect texture for your skin so that you don't feel like wearing a pyjama over your face. Of course, the market now offers a variety of coloured-correcting makeup bases for different types of skin. For example: for yellow tones, you can use a purple primer, a yellow makeup primer will cover up the veins under soft skin, hyperpigmentation can be battled with a peach coloured prime, and a pink makeup base will give your skin that rosy healthy glow. 

For those of us struggling with acne, it is extremely important to choose the right primer (and products, in general), so pick one that is gentle and noncomedogenic.

Another useful primer on the market is the one that addresses large pores and wrinkles - look for the label that says pore-minimizer or poreless - but make sure you read the package every time as some of them are to be used in combination with other family products.  

I hope this was helpful and as a conclusion, I need to underline, that no matter what products you use for makeup, the importance of removing it at the end of the day is vital. So, please make sure you clean and moisturize your skin every day as your routine. 

Stay glowy! :) 





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