How to create flawless makeup at home

Get busy with your routine following these easy steps to obtain a gorgeous look every time, at home, without having a team of professionals at your disposal. 

The first order of business for an impeccable makeup is to have your skin prepared for it. The better your skin looks, to begin with, the better the makeup will look. So, at least once a week, use a scrub right after you open the pores using a facial vaporizer. Clean the face and apply an alcohol-free toner. Then apply a moisturizing mask and finally a moisturizer cream. Of course, cleaning the face and applying moisturizer should be your daily routine, especially before bed. 

Before beginning any makeup application make sure you clean the skin, apply moisturizer - which you have to let set in for about five minutes -  apply the primer and then the foundation. Do not forget your lips as well, as they too need to be moisturized, so put on your favorite lip balm five to ten minutes before the lipstick. 

Some makeup artists believe that rose water is the key to a luminous makeup, so if you use it, do it before applying the primer. 

For a perfect eyeshadow, lips, eyebrow, and blush finish you need to update your makeup tools kit with a good set of brushes. These will help you to blend in the colors (dry or cream ones). 

Another important must-have item on your makeup desk should be a suitable light. We all know that moment when you step outside after you put your makeup in the bathroom mirror and notice that it looks like it's two inches thick :)). I recommend this LED Ring light

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